Vessel Information:

Sealander with a truck on board

The Hardwicke Transporter is 11 Meters (37 Feet) and powered by twin Volvo Penta D4-230G engines with DPI drives. The Vessel cruises at an average of 20 Knots with a full load. The maximum weight capacity is 4500 Kg (10000 lbs.) on its open 7 x 3 Meter (23 x 10 Foot) deck.

The vessel is compliant with the current Transport Canada Small Vessel Safety Regulations.


Our primary service is delivery of freight. Secondary services are emergency vessel towing and being used as a work platform. Common freight we transport are building supplies, equipment parts, fuel barrels, kayaks, tree seedlings and vehicles.

Cargo Restrictions:

  1. Combined freight weight over 4500 Kg / 10,000 lbs.
  2. Anything that restricts visibility from the helm. Common requests in this category are trucks with FISTs or other canopies, Travel or cargo trailers that are over 7 feet high.
  3. Your intent is to go freshwater fishing or hunting. This is due to BC Wildlife Act regulations requiring a Transporter Licence.


The Hardwicke Transporter is billed out by the hour from when the vessel leaves its berth to when it returns. We also have a 2 hour minimum charge.

The 2022 rate is $290.00 per hour plus GST with discounts for those who have:

  1. a positive payment history with us,
  2. a 75% deposit prior to departure and with remainder being received at the end of the trip.

March 2022: Due to the rapidly changing fuel costs, the hourly rate can’t keep up, so a fuel surcharge has been added. It will vary depending on fuel price at the time of the trip.

All of the loading/drop-off sites have usage fees. The customer can either pay those fees themselves or we will bill them back to the customer.

Payment forms are: Interact E-transfer, Cheque, Credit Cards (via Square), and Cash.